Hi, I’m Anna.

My passion for wellness, food, travel and entrepreneurship lead me down this path of helping wellness entrepreneurs grow through their online presence.

I am a Web & Graphic Designer focusing on small businesses with a conscious awareness.   

I have worked with many businesses in the wellness industry over the years. From health food stores, health food products, to lifestyle hotels and organic catering companies. I love working with small businesses who are hungry for making a positive impact on the world - be it in their local community, or the wider environment.

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I design websites on Squarespace for Small Businesses.

I also lend my skills in Graphic Design and Wellness Marketing to the mix and deliver
an online strategic offering to all my clients.


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About Anna

I’m Irish. From Dublin, Ireland.

I studied marketing for my undergrad and advertising & digital comms for my post-grad.

I have the travel bug.

I’ve lived in Melbourne, Byron Bay, New York, Sri Lanka, Dublin and Galway.

I love to explore healthy eats, yoga studios and all sorts of weird & wonderful nature spots.

I’m a Yogi. Amateur Surfer. Hiking Fanatic. Adventure Junkie.

Most of all, I’m a curious enthusiast who likes to connect and work with businesses and people who share my values and ethos. Those that want to do good in the world and not just make soul-less money. It’s about a conscious awareness in all that we do.


Health & Wellness

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for many years. My roles have ranged from Sponsorship Executive in a corporate environment to an Operations Manager in a boutique catering company that catered to many of the world's top tech companies. I've also been a Production Manager in a healthy eating online publication in New York, as well as a Front House Manager in a lifestyle hotel in Sri Lanka. All this varied experience, most often with small businesses, has allowed me to observe and perform in many facets of the relevant industries. 

Now, I still work with small businesses in person and online. I love the mix of being amongst the good vibes with a health focused team and then being able to retreat to my own consulting and design work on my laptop.

The Paradigm Co. About Me

I studied marketing for my under-grad and advertising and digital communications for my post-grad. I’ve also always been a bit of an entrepreneur – setting up shop and selling choccie bars during my summer holidays as a kid. I am always trying to spot new trends, business ideas. It’s just fun for me!

Then there’s the spiritual, no-screen-zone, yogi side of me that has emerged in the past few years. This helps balance my go-go-go, yang tendencies. Web design pays the bills. But having a spiritual practice helps me to see that it’s just a job and there are more important, meaningful things in life. It also allows me to know that I choose what happens in my life and the direction it can go.

If you want to chat about how we can work together to create something amazing, get in touch.