Squarespace is one of the website management platform I use to build websites on. It is flexible, customizable and creative. Every website made on Squarespace looks sleek and sophisticated. See herehere and here for some that I’ve done…


  • Websites on Squarespace are always sleek and professional looking. They ooze style and sophistication.

  • It’s easy to use - for visitors on the front-end and you in the back-end. It’s all drag and drop so you don’t have to play around with coding and plugins.

  • It is more than just a pretty face. Squarespace has many integrations with other platforms such as MailChimp, Acuity Scheduling and G Suite.

  • There are a few different plan options to choose from to suit your business/ project - personal, business & e-commerce.


Squarespace websites look even better with high-quality images to give a professional look. You have a few options when it comes to your images:

  • Get professionally shot images of you and your business (can be expensive)

  • Use your own camera/ phone to take unprofessional photos(can be low quality)

  • Source from a premium Stock Photo website (can be slightly expensive)

  • Source from a free Stock Photo website (sometimes can't find exactly the type of image you want)

Ideally we'd all have a professional photographer on hand to shoot everything for our website, but time and money don't always allow for that. Therefore, I recommend a mixture of some of these. When starting out, you can use some of your own photos and free stock photos. Over time I encourage you to source some more unique professional photos. I can source stock photos for you (free and paid) when building the site.


Squarespace does not offer any free option to users, so you’re looking at an investment to get your site off the ground (on top of my design/ build fee).

There is a two-week free trial for users to try out their website builder and check that it is suitable for their needs. This is the period I use to build the site for you. 

Their cheapest, personal plan offers a 20-page site with unlimited bandwidth and storage and a free custom domain for US$12 / AUS$16 / €11 / £10 paid annually (although this rises to US$16 / AUS$22 / €15 / £13  if you want to pay month by month).

There’s also an unlimited sized business plan option available at US$18 / AUS$25 / €17 / £15  per month paid annually (or $US26 / AUS$35 / €24 / £21 if paid month by month).

Squarespace also offers separate plans for online stores.



I’m a Squarespace Circle Member, which means I can pass on many benefits to YOU!

Most notably, I get a 20% discount on the first year’s annual subscription. That’s a hefty saving that you can pour back into your venture!

I also get a 6-month trial for the website before it’s launched, as opposed to the standard 2-week trial for normal accounts. This means you can mull over your pre-launched site for as long as is needed until you’re 100% happy to set sail.