Your yoga website is your chance to make a lasting first impression. It allows you to show more of yourself and important information on your classes, style of yoga etc. than social media alone. In fact, having a beautifully designed website is a really great partner to your instagram and facebook. Think of your instagram page as the window display to the real deal in the store behind it i.e. your website.

The Paradigm Co - yoga class website

List yoga classes

Many yoga teachers teach in a variety of studios around their area, your yoga website is the perfect space to list your yoga classes so clients can know where to find you.

Book yoga classes

If you have a studio, clients can book classes through the websites easily. With Squarespace, we can integrate many platforms such as MindBody.

The Paradigm Co - yoga retreat website

Yoga Retreats

Hosting a retreat? Your yoga website is a fantastic place to display all the details of the event. We can style it to your brand theme and make sure clients learn all about what’s in-store for them.

Add a contact form, so guests can enquire and request more info.

Add a booking form to gather more info from guests and pay via the website making it a seamless process.

The Paradigm Co - yoga blog website

Yoga Blog

Your yoga teacher website is for you to share your knowledge and teachings with the world. Blogs are the perfect avenue for this. Squarespace blogs can be customised to your liking. If writing isn’t your thing, share it through video or podcasts. Choose the medium that suits your personality.


Subscribe to Email newsletter

The Paradigm Co - mailchimp subscribe

Email marketing is a really great way to connect with clients. Most people check their email on a daily basis and if you can get into a person’s inbox, you have a clear communication channel to speak to them.

To get better results don’t simply say “Sign up to my newsletter”, and instead offer a free gift as a thank you. An idea could be to offer a free yoga video or yoga sequence and tell people what they can expect from your newsletter.

People are highly likely to convert to purchase from an email. So if you do organise a retreat in the future and you have a loyal subscriber list, they could be your next retreat clients!

A great podcast episode from the Wellpreneur podcast goes into this in more detail.

The Paradigm Co - yoga brand website

show your brand/ Personality

You know the old saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Well that is very much true for your yoga website. Sometimes it’st’s better to show than tell. Your photos are your storytellers, allowing website visitors to visualize and feel your personality and yoga style.


Want to find out more info on how we can build you a super sleek yoga website. Drop me a line below and I’d be happy to answer any questions.